Patient Reviews of Briana Healy, LAc, EAMP

I am so glad I found Briana, who was highly recommended to me by a friend-of-a-friend. I have noticeable improvement in my main health issues—chronic sinusitis, GI problems, and sciatica—since I began seeing Briana. I very much appreciate her approach—considerate, in-depth and very focused. I highly recommend her if you are seeking wellness and are looking for a compassionate, highly skilled acupuncturist. She is caring and supportive, and creates an environment that is a peaceful and serene oasis in our cluttered world.
— M.G.
I have been using Briana Healy for treating my bursitis and tendonitis. I’ve had only positive results with her. She’s very knowledgeable, kind and skilled. Her cupping skills are also excellent. I work in the medical field, and have recommended her to co-workers, who have also had good outcomes.
— L.E.
I went to see Briana for issues I was having with my intestines. I had intestinal bloating and an allergic reaction for years. I tried to work it out with diet, with some success. The crisis that drove me to see Briana was the recommendation to try an intestinal cleanse, to which my body had a strong reaction. (I was on the floor for two days, and pretty shaky for another week.) After two or three treatments, some of my long-term issues were starting to resolve. I’ll spare you the details of my waste management system, but let’s just say that things started to become normal again, for the first time in (ten?) years. I now carry Briana’s card in my office. She is calm, comforting, and has a great way with people.
— A.H.
Briana is a fount of knowledge and I’m constantly learning from her. I am 56 years old and I am slowly, but surely, working toward a healthier body with a lot of help from Briana. Thank you!
— V.F.
I always feel I am being treated as a whole person, not minimized down to an isolated illness or injury. Briana is a friendly and caring practitioner and I find my sessions both calming and energizing.
— K.M.
Briana is an extremely gifted acupuncturist. She is very kind and perceptive, knowledgeable, nurturing and gentle. Her work has allowed my body and mind to experience a deep sense of relaxation. I always look forward to my next session. Merci!
— C.B.
Took lots of time to explain everything. Kind, thorough and compassionate.
— C.E.
Briana asked questions that no one else had asked. She let me know what she would try, she let me see and feel the needles, which I was unfamiliar with, and explained how my symptoms fit with some classic Chinese medicine patterns. It was reassuring that someone was not baffled at what my body was doing. My first experience with needling was amazing. When I sat up from the table, I was so surprised. I felt better, so much so that I hadn’t realized just how bad I had been feeling. Briana is wonderful to work with, very funny, understanding and compassionate. She is a kick-ass lady!
— L.C.
I have been working with Briana for about 1 1/2 years. I first sought help after experiencing nearly a year of debilitating postpartum depression and anxiety. At first, I saw her twice a week, religiously. Slowly, but surely, I was able to wean off of all psychotropic and sleep medications. Acupuncture is very relaxing and makes me feel more balanced.
— K.G.
Initially, I sought acupuncture as a last resort for issues related to anxiety. Briana was the only health practitioner who actually listened to me, no matter how small or insignificant my complaint may have seemed. Two years later, I continue to receive regular treatment and am happy to say that my anxiety is manageable and I am feeling more like my ‘normal’ self. Briana is warm, genuine and competent. I highly recommend!
— K.E.
I was looking for an acupuncturist, particularly to help with lower back issues—that was over 9 years ago. Briana is comfortable with different healing modalities and continues to do training and be open to new approaches. She is flexible and confident, very pleasant and professional. I can and do recommend her highly to friends.
— K.B.
I have been treated by Briana for approximately 2 years. In this time, I had severe plantar fasciitis. I now do not have a problem with it. I used to take Motrin/Ibuprofen by the handful for various ailments/discomfort. I now only take a few per month if needed. I attribute this to Briana’s healing.
— K.V.
Thank you, Briana! I have enjoyed a year of health and integration. I feel better informed of my patterns and I love learning from you. You are a skilled practitioner and a gift to our community
— K.A.